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Discover the future of dental care with Solea laser dentistry, a revolutionary treatment available exclusively at Franklin County Dental and Implants in Washington, MO. As the only dental practice in the area equipped with this cutting-edge technology, we are proud to offer a dental experience that is faster, more precise, and virtually painless. The Solea laser uses concentrated light energy to perform a variety of dental procedures, from simple cavities to complex surgeries, all without the need for drills or needles. It's a game-changer in dental care, offering unparalleled comfort and precision.

Why Should I Get Solea Laser Treatment?

Choosing the Solea Laser means choosing the most advanced dental care available. Traditional dental tools can be intimidating and uncomfortable. With Solea, those fears are a thing of the past. This technology allows Dr. Schuyler to perform procedures with such precision that there's often no need for anesthesia. This means no needles, no numbness, and no lengthy recovery time. Plus, Solea procedures are typically quicker, allowing you to spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying your day.

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Dr. Schuyler's practice is the only one that offers the Solea laser in the area!

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The Benefits Of Solea Laser Dentistry


Solea laser treatment takes the discomfort out of dental procedures. The laser’s precise nature means less damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in less post-procedure discomfort and swelling. It's a gentler, more comfortable approach to dental care.


With the Solea laser, procedures are faster and more efficient. The laser's precision allows for quicker treatment times, meaning less time in the chair for you. Plus, without the need for anesthesia, you can schedule multiple procedures in one visit, saving you time and hassle.


The Solea laser offers unparalleled precision. The laser can target and treat specific areas without affecting surrounding tissues. This precision not only results in more effective treatments but also promotes faster healing and recovery.

The Solea Laser Dentistry Treatment Process

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Your journey to a healthier smile begins with a consultation with Dr. Schuyler. He'll discuss your dental needs and goals, and explain how Solea can benefit you. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. Dr. Schuyler will also review your medical history to ensure that the Solea laser is the right choice for you.

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Treatment Planning

Once you've decided to proceed with the Solea laser treatment, Dr. Schuyler will create a personalized treatment plan. Using advanced imaging technology, he'll map out the exact areas to be treated, ensuring precision and effectiveness. This detailed planning stage allows for a seamless and efficient procedure, tailored to your specific needs.

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During the procedure, Dr. Schuyler will use the Solea laser to treat the targeted areas. The laser's precise nature allows for quick, efficient treatments, often without the need for anesthesia. You'll be able to walk out of the office and get back to your day in no time. The Solea laser's unique wavelength also minimizes bleeding and swelling, ensuring a more comfortable post-treatment experience.

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